Easedale Tarn, Grasmere – A perfect day out!

I do love my easy (ish!) walks in the Lake District.  Approximately 2 hours exertion, stunning views and then getting back in time for a scone with clotted cream and jam is just about the perfect day’s outing for me.

Easedale Tarn from Grasmere is one such walk and certainly ticks all the boxes.  The route is easy in the sense that there’s no scary scrambling, yet it’s still a medium effort to get there and you still benefit from a work out – enough to burn off that scone, anyway!

Heading out of the village of Grasmere

As soon as you head out of the village, you’re surrounded by glorious countryside and by the time you’re half way up to the tarn, you feel like you’re totally in the middle of nowhere.  The mountain tops all feel level with you – even though they’re definitely not – and the 360-degree views are sensational.

In the middle of nowhere!

And heading up a bit further, with just a bit more effort, all of a sudden you are brought to the sensational Easedale Tarn.  It truly does take your breath away as it comes along quite unexpectedly.

Tranquility at Easedale Tarn

This is an ideal spot to have a picnic, so hopefully you’ve made a lovely feast in the cottage before you came out – it’s definitely an ideal place to eat, sip from a flask and allow yourself to be mesmerised by the views.

Getting Started

Getting to the tarn and back is very easy and easily located on a map – you simply head out to the left hand side of the village, (when looking at the map) along the Easedale Road and follow lots of signposts all saying Easedale Tarn.  Once you get up to the tarn, you turn right and head back the other side of the valley.  There is a point where you head off to the left for a bit (someone has kindly written Grasmere with an arrow to the left as it feels like you should be turning right at this point) and you head up a bit before joining another bridleway a short way up.  At this point you turn right and head back to the village, passing the turn off to Helm Crag (Lion and the Lamb) as you go (you can always combine the walk with a jaunt up Helm Crag if you’re up for it) and head back towards civilisation.

Once back in Grasmere, why not try one of the many adorable tea-rooms and treat yourself to cake or high tea.  Alternatively, Grasmere is blessed with a number of pubs and also many gift shops and clothing supplies – do take the time to have a look around this gorgeous little village.  Don’t forget to visit the Grasmere Gingerbread shop:  http://www.grasmeregingerbread.co.uk  – I have to say I don’t think you’ll ever taste gingerbread quite like it, it’s really yummy!


Happy Holidays!


Chloe x



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