A Cycle Ride to Dufton!

Today we had a breath-taking cycle ride in glorious Pennine countryside – including taking advantage a café en-route with outside seating and direct views over Dufton Pike.

The roads around the villages of Kirkby Thore, Dufton, Long Marton and Knock are all really lovely, quiet and have the most fantastic Pennine views. Getting to Dufton did involve a little bit of a slog, but I’m not known for any great cycling ability! I’m sure most keen cyclists would find it a breeze! The views throughout the whole journey were just superb and reaching the really pretty village of Dufton was a great reward. When we first arrived we headed straight to the pub (of course!) but it was unusually shut for a day!

However, as much as I would have loved to have been in the pub, we did then venture up the village a little and on the right is a gorgeous little café called the Post Office Pantry – my disappointment soon turned to delight as I saw they stocked a little bit of everything. We ended up with cider and flapjacks and I have to say, it was the very best flapjack I’ve had. Yummy! What was even better was that we were able to sit outside and had direct views over the village and Dufton Pike. Note: Do take cash with you as they don’t take cards. However, I only had a card on me and they were very friendly and happy for me to pay by PayPal, without any problems or eye-brow raising!!

The route back from Dufton was gorgeous and very very easy – incredibly, it all seemed to be downhill so I just sat back and enjoyed the beautiful views whizzing past.

The Route To Dufton

Turn left at the end of Cross Street in the direction of Milburn and Knock for around a mile and a half, passing over the railway and onwards and upwards until you come to a crossroads.

Turn right at the crossroads in the direction of Long Marton. After about another mile (you don’t reach as far as Long Marton) take a turning to your left, signposted Knock. About half a mile up the road is a cute little road to your right, signposted Dufton. Follow this all the way into the village. There is a very steep road leading down to the village with a 10% slant sign – don’t worry, you’re going down it and don’t have to do it on the return!

Views of Dufton Pike en-route

To Return:

Re-trace your tracks into the village but instead of turning left along the steep road that you came in on, follow all signs to Knock and Silver Band. You go through the really cute village of Knock and once you’ve reached the hamlet of Silver Band you turn left (general direction signposted Long Marton but you don’t go that far) Shortly you will reach another crossroads where you turn left again and a bit further down the road you may recognise you’ve met up with the road from earlier. You take the right turn here all the way back into Kirkby Thore – it’s all downhill, phew!


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