Another Ullswater Way! A Dunkeld Cottage Blog

We had glorious weather this June and went to Ullswater (for the zillionth time!) and walked the Ullswater Way again. This time though, instead of our favourite walk from Pooley Bridge to Howtown and onto Patterdale (as detailed in an earlier blog) we opted to walk the other side. In this direction we started from Glenridding and headed to Aira Force and a little way beyond.

We didn’t walk the whole distance – you can walk all the way to Pooley Bridge – but the views we had anyway were superb.  A little stop in Aira Force and a cup of tea in the National Trust tea room are well worth stopping for! At this point you can also elect to continue your walk or if your legs. are starting to get tired hop on a bus or Ullswater ferry at the conveniently located stop near the cafe.

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